LensPlay Gallery
"Sheep" ©Copyright 2006 Bob Atkins

LensPlay is a website split into two complementary parts - science and art.

This section of the site is about the art of photography. I'm not 100% sure what will develop here, but initially there will be a gallery of images contributed by Individual Photographers. Rather than just being a display of photographs, each image will carry a commentary by the photographer describing his or her thoughts on the image. You can read more about the LensPlay Gallery on the About page.

You can help attract more visitors by linking to this page. You can copy use the following HTML code on your website:
<a href="http://www.lensplay.com/images/">The Lensplay Gallery</a>
More visitors means more images and more people seeing your images, if you chose to post them here.

The other part of the site is the Lens Database. This now contains technical information on almost 200 lenses and (as of spring 2007) has over 5700 lens ratings contributed by over 2150 users on over 190 lenses. The lens database gets over 12,000 unique vistors each month, with over 80,000 pageviews.