Add a lens to the Database

If there's a lens not listed in the database that you'd like to add, please fill in as much of the data below as you have. You can leave the fields blank if you don't know. This will not directly add the lens, but it will send the data to the database administrator who will review it, make any necessary corrections or additions and add it to the database. This may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days depending on how busy things are.

Minimum Focal Lenth
Maximum Focal Length
Maximum Aperture (wide)
Maximum Aperture (tele)
Minimum Aperture (wide)
Minimum Aperture (tele)
IS Version (2 or 3 stops)
Price ($)
Weight (oz)
Length (in)
Diameter (in)
Filter Size (mm)
Rating (1-10)
Maximum Magnification
Close Focus Distance (m)
Number of groups
Number of elements
Number of diaphragm blades
Magnification range with EF12
Magnification range with EF25
Lens Hood
Status (current or discontinued)

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