Survey of Lens Defects

This is a survey intended to try to look at the quality control (QC) of lenses. What we need to know is how many new lenses that you received in the last 5 years were defective when they arrived. Note this isn't a survey related to how many lenses have broken during use - that's another issue.

It's very important that you participate even if every lens you've ever bought has been perfect! The purpose of the survey is to see what fraction of  lenses there are that slip though quality control with defects and so the number of good lenses received is just as important as the number of bad lenses.

Please enter the number of lenses you received new in the last 5 years for each manufacturer listed (or "other" if not listed), and how many of those lenses were defective. Defective means that there was something wrong with the lens that the manufacturer fixed, or something that wasn't wrong with the next lens you got if you sent it back to the vendor for exchange. If you just didn't like the lens or you though it wasn't worth the price you paid for it, that doesn't count as a defect. A defect is some sort of fixable problem that should have been caught before the lens was sent out, but wasn't, indicating the lens slipped through quality control.

For this survey, if you bought a lens which arrived defective, you sent it back for exchange and the new lens was fine, then you have received 2 lenses and 1 defective lens. If you bought a lens and sent it back for repair and received the same lens back, then you received 1 lens and 1 defective lens.

Don't count lens recalls as defects. I had a EF70-300IS fixed by Canon for the vertical resolution problem. However that was a design flaw and not a defect that slipped through quality control. All the lenses were like that, it wasn't just a few lenses that were badly assembled or assembled using the wrong parts or was out of adjustment/calibration.

There's also a text field in which you can add any additional comments on your data

You will see the current survey results via a link from the confirmation page (which is what you will see once you've submitted your entry). It's better if you don't see the results before you submit your entry! Note that only one entry is allowed from each IP address. Data is also verifed using several other techniques which I'm not going to reveal.

NOTE: If you leave unusual data (e.g. you've bought 10 Canon, 10 Sigma and 10 Tamron lenses in the last 5 years, or if you've recieved 10 bad lenses in a row from any manufacturer), please leave a comment explaining this unusual situation.

So, in the last 5 years....

How many Canon lenses have you bought?
How many Canon lenses were defective?
How many Sigma Lenses have you bought?
How many Sigma lenses were defective?
How many Tamron lenses have you bought?
How many Tamron lenses were defective
How many Tokina lenses have you bought?
How many Tokina lenses were defective?
How many Nikon lenses have you bought?
How many Nikon lenses were defective?
How many Pentax lenses have you bought?
How many Pentax lenses were defective
How many Minolta/Konica/Sony lenses have you bought?
How many Minolta/Konica/Sony lenses were defective?
How many Other lenses have you bought?
How many Other lenses were defective?


* If you just want to peek at the results, you can go to the Results Page, but it would be better if you took the survey before looking at the results. You will have the chance of viewing them after you click on the "SUBMIT" button.